Jun 29, 2017

I work on a project to reduce high voltage lines impact on migratory soaring birds. AMA!

Jun 28, 2017

My name is Vladimir, and I'm a huge animal lover, I grew up surrounded by animals of all kind, from dogs, cows, to horses and more. I had to move from Bosnia to Novi Sad, leaving behind all my animals. Even though my family didn't want any more pets, I adopted two. A Rottweiler named Amor, and a Cat Named Radovan. AMA!

I'm a travel blogger who's into green/sustainable travel. Ask Me Anything!

Jun 26, 2017

Hey I am stella. I work with foreigners in a local wildlife conservation organization and speak 3 languages. My first language is my mother-tongue, the Mauritian creole. However, I officially consider myself as a English-French bilingual. I am used to switch between 2 to 3 languages within minutes in one conversation, sometimes translating information for my colleagues. Ask me anything!

Jun 26, 2017

My parents rescue illegally traded animals. I grew up surrounded by crocodiles, boa, scorpions, and more. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Jun 25, 2017

Hi my name is André, I am a young Uruguayan biologist who loves adventure travels. On my last trip I spent 2 weeks in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest and in the Pantanal. It was an amazing experience, please Ask Me Anything!

Jun 24, 2017

Hello! My name is Narmin and I am a fashion blogger. Do you know the top colors for summer 2017? Are you interested in how to wear a white shirt in different ways?etc. I really enjoy answering the questions based on fashion, trends, beauty. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Jun 22, 2017

I'm Olga and I was doing Trekking Around Annapurna in Nepal during 10 days. Our team reached the Thorong La Pass (5416 m). Ask Me Anything

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